Ear-related disorders are a common reason for individuals to seek the help of an ENT specialist. The ear is a complex organ that comprises the external ear, middle ear, and inner ear, and is responsible for hearing and balance.

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Nose-related disorders are also a common reason for individuals to seek the help of an ENT specialist. The nose is an important organ that is responsible for breathing, smelling, and filtering the air that we breathe.

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Throat-related disorders are also a common reason for individuals to seek the help of an ENT specialist. The throat is a muscular tube that starts behind the nose and mouth and ends in the neck. It plays an important role in breathing, speaking, and swallowing.

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Basavanagudi Ent Care Centre

Dr. Kumaraswamy K

His approach to the patients is simple & himself to a lifetime of clinical excellance. He is also a honorary ENT and skull base surgeon at NIMHANS and honorary peadiatric ent surgeon at Indiragandi Institute of child health.

He conducts hands on temporal bone dissection course and live ear surgery workshops at his centre regularly to train postgraduates and ENT surgeans from all over India and other countries. He is also a visiting ENT surgeon to various hospitals in South India. He is also a teaching faculty in many ENT workshops in India.

Dr. Kumaraswamy K

Basavanagudi Ent Care Centre

Basavanagudi ent care centre is in the centre Bangalore city near the world famous Botanical garden.
Basavanagudi ENT care centre is one of oldest serving ENT centre in Bangalore .Founded in 1976 by the Doyen of Dr.A .Mahadevaiah a well known ENT surgeons of INDIA and Basavanagudi ent care centre is one of the first purely ENT care centre in Bangalore.
We are recognised by most of insurance companies for cashless &reimbursement.We caters patients from all part of INDIA.

In Hands Workshop

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m madeshm madesh
17:15 16 Mar 23
I was having hearing issue ie not hearing well and sond in the ear since 5_6 years and consulted many ent doctors no body has given any relief, i met Dr kumaraswamy at basavanagudi ent care centre he told one of hearing bone is not functioning well that is why I am not hearing well, he suggested surgery called stapedectomy, after the surgery i am hearing well and my sond inthe ear has also gone,I thank Dr kumaraswamy for making me hear again, even surgical charges also not expensive there,. I recommend others also to go to basavanagudi ent care centre for all the ent issues
pooja M Rpooja M R
14:54 11 Mar 23
i had ear problem since many years and taken treatment at different places and got operated in other places two times” even then my ear discharge dint stop. One of my neighbour who got treatment at basavanagudi ent care centre asked me to Meet dr.kumaraswamy. i consulted Dr. Kumaraswamy and he examined and suggested surgery. Initially I was hesitant to undergo 3rd time surgery. Doctor gave confidence , i got my ear surgery done there. Now my ear problem has completely solved, now I am doing very well. I thak dr kumaswamy for this
08:32 04 Mar 23
I visited basavanagudi ENT care centre for my ear problem. I underwent stapetodomy surgery there Now I am hearing well.I thank the dr.kumaraswamy for bringing my hearing back. Thank you doctor
Ashwini gowdaAshwini gowda
11:54 06 Sep 22
Dr. Kumarswamy Sir is a great doctor. He’s very understanding and listens to our concerns. He gives sufficient time to the patient to help them with their health issues! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a specialist.
Gayathri RaoGayathri Rao
12:39 20 May 22
Dr. Kumaraswamy is a simple, friendly and caring doctor. He listens to the problems of the patients with good patience and spends quality time with them. Doctors like him are rare. Even his staff at Basavanagudi ENT centre work with responsibility and they are nice.I consulted him a few months back with hearing loss. The doctor advised and performed a minor surgery.My hearing is restored to near normal.I strongly recommend this doctor for any ENT issue.May God bless him to enlighten the lives of many more people like me.


Our Medical Services

At our centre all types of ENT problems are diagnosed and treated successfully from simple minor problems to most chronic &complicated problems through medications and as well as necessory surgeries.The centre is equipped with best technology and state of art facilities to perform all types of ENT surgeries.

Our centre is equped to perform the following surgeries.

Micro ear surgeries

For ear discharge like mastoidectomy and for hearing loss like stapedectomy

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Functional endoscopic surgeries

For nose block ,allergy ,polyps ect.

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For nose block and difficulty for breathing through nose.

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Microlaryngeal surgeries

For voice disorders.

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For cosmetic surgery of nose.

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Cochlear implant surgery

For born deaf patients.

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