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Founder Dr.A.Mahadevaiah

Dr.A.Mahadevaiah a doyen of ENT surgeries in India.He was engaged in treating patients and training many ENT surgeons from India and abroad.
He was much sough of Doctor for poor and middle class patients .Has lot of empathy for his patients.
After finishing his residence program in America he came back to india to serve his people

Dr. A. Mahadevaiah life storyincrediblyespeciallygreat

Dr. A. Mahadevaiah is the life story of an extraordinary and
respectable individual who is, in all honesty, Dr. Agadurappa
Mahadevaiah. Dr. Agadurappa Mahadevaiah was born on August 16, 1935, in the suburbs of Bangalore. He was a great and noble person. Dr. Mahadevaiah was born in the suburbs of Bangalore on August 16, 1935. He was the main child
to Mr Agadurappa and Mrs Nanjamma alongside six siblings and three sisters. His country’s foundation and feeling of
human help impacted his yearnings to turn into a specialist, what’s more, inspired him to enter the clinical calling. Notwithstanding, during those days, the autonomy development in our
nation was dynamic. In the 1950s, Dr. Mahadevaiah participated in the Bhoodan movement that Vinoba Bhava started during his school vacations.

He joined the MBBS course by merit at the Bangalore Clinical
School in 1956. He wanted to be an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) surgeon as a medical student because he had a friend who was moderately deaf and couldn’t get his hearing fixed because he didn’t have enough money. Dr. Mahadevaiah was even more determined as a result, and he adored his job as an ENT surgeon, which was to help moderately deaf people regain their hearing.
Dr. Mahadevaiah went to the United States in 1963 with the intention of acquiring otologic surgical skills because the ENT faculty in India was severely underdeveloped and he had a great passion for otology. After that, he went to Canada to do an internship at the Ottawa General Hospital for six months under Dr. Guy Labramboise and one year under Dr. Eric Peterson in the field of neurosurgery. He returned to the United States to complete his ENT training, which required him to complete a one-year general surgery residency at Norwalk Hospital in Norwalk, Connecticut.
The turning point in Dr. Mahadevaiah’s life came at this moment. He applied for an otology program because he wanted to. However, the ENT training program was highly competitive.
He was placed standing by for a very long time. For a man with such a positive, blossoming, and optimistic outlook, this must have been the most depressing phase.

He decided to enroll in additional residency programs during the waiting period to extend his stay in the United States. He signed a contract with the pediatric residency at Hale University in New Heaven, Connecticut. He obtained an ENT residency in a second interview at St. Luke’s Hospital, New York, with the assistance of Dr. Stanley Whitefield, Director of the ENT Department, thankfully, with God’s blessing. The Lempert Institute gave him 100 temporal bones when he started his residency in 1965 at St. Luke’s Hospital. To master temporal anatomy, Dr. Mahadevaiah took advantage of the opportunity to dissect several temporal bones.
He performed over 714 ENT surgeries while he was a resident, including 24 stapedectomies, 2 sphenoethmoidectomies, and an open external ethmoidectomy to fix a CSF leak. He first attempted to earn his American Board (AB) degree in otorhinolaryngology in 1968. This is one of the most difficult tests, with 25 examiners asking questions to candidates. He was awarded a fellowship to study otology at Columbia University after passing the AB exam. He left the United States for India in October 1969 to serve his fellow Indians.
He gave up a lucrative and extravagant career in the United States to help the poor and disadvantaged. Dr. Mahadevaiah was steadfast in his determination to return to India to live with his people and train young ENT surgeons, despite the fact that many of his professors in the United States refused to relieve him.
We need to stress this commitment to his country and fellow citizens once more at this point. He was a great nationalist who held fervently to the principles of Gandhi.
After arriving in India, he established a modest ENT practice and served the government for a brief time as a lecturer at the Bangalore Medical College. At that time, our nation lacked many otologists who could perform ear surgeries. Dr. Mahadevaiah began his practice in Bangalore after receiving advanced otology training, establishing his name gradually. He was likewise connected with the Public Foundation of Emotional wellness and
Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore as an ENT skull base
specialist and was quick to fix CSF spill by outer ethmoid course utilizing a magnifying instrument.